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How much will my room cost?

At HamCam we have a range of properties at affordable rents to suit undergraduates and postgraduates including international students at Birmingham City University and Aston University, ranging from studios to 5 bedroom flats. Our standard prices for 2024/25 academic year are:

  • Studios - £164 per week single occupancy
  • 2 Bed flats - £109 per person, per week   
  • 5 Bed flats - from £105 per person, per week     
  • Hall rooms -  no availabilty 
  • All prices include utility bills, fast wifi,  contents insurance for your room (see standard policy wording for limitations).

How long will my contract be?

Our standard tenancy contract (AST) is for 44 weeks from Thursday 12 September 2024 to Wednesday 16 July 2025 except for Studios which have a standard contract length of 51 weeks from Thursday 5 September 2024 to Wednesday 27 August 2025 and International early arrival contracts for 2 bed and 5 bed flats which have a standard contract length of 45 weeks from Thursday 5 September 2024 to Wednesday 16 July 2025.  


Are any fees payable?

No. We do not charge any fees.  The only amount payable under the contract is the rent as shown in the contract.

Is there a security deposit?

No. We do not require a security deposit.

What does my rent include and what is INITIAL RENT?

INITIAL RENT is payable immediately after you (and your guarantor if applicable) sign the contract. If INITIAL RENT is payable we will notify you when we email to confirm your provisional booking. INITIAL RENT is payable as follows:  for a studio £500; for a 2 bed flat £250 per person; for a 5 bed flat £100 per person). INITIAL RENT is not a fee and it is not a deposit. INITIAL RENT forms part of your overall rent payment under the contract. INITIAL RENT is payable by bank transfer or debit card.

If you (and/or your guarantor) are in any doubt you should take independent advice and you should not sign the legally binding contract.  If the contract has been signed  by all parties then you (and/or your guarantor) are liable to pay all of the the rent due under the contract. You may seek a replacement tenant not already known to us and if we choose to contract with that tenant and re-let the property then your liability would end. 

Your rent is all-inclusive and includes heating, hot water, electricity, contents insurance (subject to terms and conditions, see standard policy, limits and exclusions apply) with Endsleigh and up to 200MB broadband.

What are the payment options?

Your rent can be paid in advance in one instalment for the whole contract before you move in and you will receive a 1% discount.

Alternatively you may pay in three termly instalments (paying for each term in advance). Payment is made by online bank transfer or debit/credit card. We can not accept cash. If you select to pay by three termly instalments you will need to provide a guarantor. Your guarantor must be UK resident, be in employment and have no CCJs registered against them. Your guarantor must complete our Guarantor form, provide photographic ID and proof of their employment and salary as part of the approval process. Your guarantor will be credit checked during the process once they have given their consent to this.

Please note that if paying in termly instalments the rent for term 1 at least must be paid in full before you move in to the property.

What documentation do I need to sign once I have completed the application process?

Once the application process has been completed with the information listed above having been provided, you will need to sign a Tenancy Agreement. Our Tenancy Agreements are listed below and vary slightly depending upon which type of accommodation you have reserved. If you have a guarantor they will also need to sign the tenancy agreement.  Tenancy agreements are signed online using E-sign which is quick and easy.

Sample AST - Hall

How do I apply?

You can apply online or by visiting the Accommodation Office. Alternatively you can download an application form below, complete it and email to or post to us at Customer Service Team, Hamstead Campus, 138 Friary Road, Birmingham B20 1AP.

What is the "Bus Pass Offer"?

*The following terms and conditions apply:
1. Maximum of one National Express West Midlands bus pass (the Bus Pass) per person for the 2024/25 Academic Year.
2. You must have satisfactorily:  a) completed the Hamcam application process and  b) signed your Hamcam AST contract for a minimum of 44 weeks from 5 September 2024 (and had the guarantor's addendum completed satisfactorily) by 12  noon on 23 August 2024 under the 'Early Bird' offer and c) have paid the rent payable under  your AST for at least the first 15 weeks (from 5 September 2024) in order to qualify to receive the Bus Pass where eligible.

3. You must have no rent arrears in respect of 2023/24 or any earlier year in order to be eligible for any form of Bus Pass offer for 2024/25. 

4. The Bus Pass will be issued by the Hamcam  Customer Services team electronically  on production of necessary information between 1 September 2024 (subject to being available to buy)  and 10am on Friday 25 October 2024.
5. Maximum of one free bus pass will be issued per studio flat for 2024/25 (even if double occupancy)
6. No refund will be made in respect of any Bus Passes purchased independently by students.

7. If a student customer is released from their contract after moving out before the end of the fixed term of their contract (which occasionally happens when their room has subsequently been re-let to a new customer) a deduction will be made from any refund due to reflect any losses or costs incurred by HamCam in excess of the number of weeks of occupation of the accommodation and/or the Bus Pass will be cancelled.

8. There is no cash alternative. 

9. The decision of Hamstead Campus Limited or Hamstead Hall Limited on any disputed eligibility claim will be final.


Sample AST - Campus

  • Can I complete a paper application and email to you?
    • Yes, see the application form below. Please complete the form and email to and we'll get back to you.  Don't worry if you don't have all of the information at this stage.

  • Student Application Form

    Recommend a friend Terms and Conditions


    Offer applicable for new introductions from 5 November 2018 only.

    Introduce a new customer who is not already a customer of Hamstead Campus Limited or Hamstead Hall Limited.

    The new customer must be completely new to us and must not have enquired previously.

    Recommendations for full academic year (44 or 51 week) contracts only.

    Referrer £50 payment to be made by transfer direct to your bank account.  

    £50 payment to the referee.

    Payment will not be made to either party until the first term’s rent is paid in full by both parties.

    New customer must quote the referrers full name at the time of booking for both parties to qualify.

    Management decision is final.

    Management reserve the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time.

    Something you are not quite happy with? 


    Get in touch with us: and we will do what we can to help. 




    5 Bed Flat Early Bird Offer for 2024/25

    The 5 Bed Flat Early Bird Offer of £1,000 in cash-back gifts is available on a strictly limited basis and subject to availability as follows:

    • to groups of 5 students applying at the same time for a 5 bed flat at HamCam for the 2024/25 academic year
    • who all proceed to sign a valid Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) contract together with their guarantors (if applicable) on or before 22 August 2024 under the Early Bird Offer  and 
    • have paid their Initial Rent Payment of £100 towards the rent due under the AST which is not a fee and is not a deposit but is a payment on account of rent due under the AST on or before 22 August 2024 under the Early Bird offer  and 
    • where the AST has also been signed on behalf of Hamstead Campus Limited which will be done as soon as practically possible after the above and then in respect of eligible applications meeting the above conditions
    • £1,000 cashback for the group as a whole on a per flat basis for 2024/25 as determined by Hamstead Campus Limited whose decision in this regard shall be final will be made available to the eligible students when all five students have moved into the contracted 5 bed flat in September 2024.    

    Cut your rent in half advert * T&Cs apply

    * Typical rents in Purpose Built Student Accommodation in Birmingham are in the region of £160 to £300 per person per week for up to 51 weeks in the academic year.  At HamCam our affordable rents start from £105 per person on a 44 week contract. "Cut your rent in half" refers to the potential for a student to reduce their rent cost for the next academic year compared with the current year by up to 50% if their current rent was up to twice examples of HamCam rents from £105 per person per week for a 5 bed flat on campus for 44 weeks.  HamCam rents include bills.  

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