Other things you might want to think about

We provide the kitchen sink but there are a few extra things you might want to bring from home.

  • Bike lock - If you're bringing a bike think about a good quality bike lock, although your bike can be locked up safely at Hamstead Campus, town can be a little less secure, don't get caught out.
  • USB drive - these are getting bigger and cheaper every day. They're great for sharing photos, films and transporting coursework.
  • NHS medical card - the local medical practice is just down the road so make sure you get registered with a doctor, bringing your NHS medical card with your NHS number will make it a lot easier to get registered simply and quickly.
  • Passport photographs - more and more places these days offer student discounts and loyalty offers, having a passport sized photograph to hand will help you get your membership/ID cards and start saving from day one!
  • CV and references - self explanatory for anyone planning on looking for work while away at Uni..
  • Student Loan/LEA paperwork and reference numbers - Nobody wants to have hitches in getting their student loan on time but these bits of paperwork will be very useful should you experience any problems. 
  • If you haven't opened a student bank account yet be sure to bring your course confirmation paperwork with you. Banks will need to see proof that you are a student before they will be prepared to offer you a student bank account and all the associated benefits.
  • Sports kit - most courses allow a clear timetable on a Wednesday afternoon for sport. Sport is a great way to meet new people at uni and with the number of different clubs available you're sure to find something you like.
  • Alarm clock - you wouldn't want to miss any early lectures now would you!
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