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Lucy's View

Living and being a part of the Hamstead Campus community has been such a wonderful and enjoyable experience. 

I moved here in 2010 after two weeks in another student accommodation and I have never looked back. 

When it came to the time of applying for accommodation, I knew I really wanted a bit more of my own space. Hamcam offers so much, with its studio flats, two person and even larger flats! This really gave me a choice as to how and with who I would live my years of university with.

It is now three years later, and I am still here! There are the beautiful grounds we live in, with such an historic past, which is always expanding and improving. The Village Inn pub is the local, private pub for campus residents - Friendly bar staff, drinks and food deals and the continuous events put on, make an exciting atmosphere to be amongst friends.

Then there is the exciting and colourful neighbourhood, with fabulous shops, butchers, hairdressers and supermarkets, all within walking distance, and the opportunities which arise within the campus team for students

I couldn't imagine living anywhere else!

Whilst living here I have seen so many changes. I've witnessed the bar being redecorated, a shop being put in, a very well equipped and maintained gym installed, as well as all the flats being refurbished to an extremely high standard. The campus staff always take into consideration the students wants and needs and will always listen to our thoughts, and because of this we now have all the facilities which are offered on site.

I will really miss living on Hamstead campus. Mainly due to the 'village' atmosphere it creates.

Everybody who moves here immediately becomes part of a close, tight knit community.

This community aspect is probably one of the most valuable things upon the campus, as it means that nobody is alone. Anybody who needs help can get help, and anybody who wants to party can always find someone to party with! I cannot extol the virtues of living on this campus any more than by just saying 'live here - you'll never regret it!'.

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